• Virtual from Athens 2020

    2021, Bern, Switzerland

  • Virtual from Athens 2020

    2020, Athens, Greece (Virtual)

  • Amersfoort 2019

    June 28th 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece, Laudatory ceremony in honour of Professor Frauke Müller

  • Amersfoort 2019

    2019, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

  • London 2018

    2018, London, UK

  • Valletta 2017

    2017, Valletta, Malta

  • Paris 2016

    2016, Paris, France

  • Belfast 2015

    2015, Belfast, Northen Ireland

  • Belfast 2015

    2015, Belfast, Northen Ireland

  • Böblingen 2014

    2014, Böblingen, Germany

  • Graz 2013

    2013, Graz, Austria

  • Roterdam 2012

    2012, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Ghent 2011

    2011, Ghent, Belgium

  • Thessaloniki 2010

    2010, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Katowice 2007

    2007, Katowice, Poland

  • Dublin 2006

    2006, Dublin, Ireland

  • Geneva 2005

    2005, Geneva, Switzerland

Latest News

ECG 2021 Annual Conference

The 31st Annual Congress of the European College of Gerodontology with the main theme “Gerodontology: my new field of work” will be held within the 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium in Bern, Switzerland, on April 9-10, 2021. It will be a Hybrid Symposium with live streaming, co-organised by the Universities of Bern, Basel, Geneva and Zurich.

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Winner of the ECG 2020 ECG Research Award sponsored by bredent

The 2020 ECG Research Award, sponsored by bredent, was attributed to a study presented by Dr Andrianna Bousiou from the Department of Prosthodontics of the School of Dentistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, with the topic: “Oral factors and adherence to the Mediterranean diet in an older Greek population”.

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About the European College of Gerodontology

The European College of Gerodontology (ECG) is a forum for contact between all those sharing an interest in the oral care for the older adults, a place for fostering international cooperation on research in gerodontology and for establishing a European body to which questions concerning oral health, oral health policies and educational aspects for Gerodontology can be referred.

ECG Research Award
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